About My Minnesota Garden Flower Farm

Looking for Minnesota locally-grown garden
wedding flowers?

Riotous blooms of many colors all summer long can be seen at and ordered from my Live Flowers, LLC flower farm. There are nearly 90 varieties of the best fresh-cut garden flowers, unusual, new, and favorite heirlooms. There are zinnias of every shade, snapdragons, celosia, sunflowers, callas, cleome, several varieties of rudbeckia (giant black-eyed Susans), tall blue and red ageratum, love grass, ammi, and more.

Cosmos - my favorite flower

My favorite is cosmos because of its airy, graceful swaying stems and blooms of pink, fuchsia, and white.

Before you go to the Farmers' Market or a retail florist to buy flowers, please see the fantastic flowers from my cutting garden.

We try to be environmentally responsible/sensitive by keeping chemicals to a minimum and using lots of compost.

Annuals are started inside from seed each year starting in mid-February and transplanted out into the flower garden when chance of frost has ended. Some are quite difficult to transplant and so not readily available elsewhere. The vegetable growers have row upon row of veggies; instead of veggies there are rows of quality cutting garden flowers here!

Flowers can be purchased by the pail or arranged by me into vases or hand-tied bouquets.

Flowers are placed into pails of water immediately upon picking, right in the field.  They are conditioned with flower food so they won't wilt the next day like some other fresh-from-the-fields flowers do!

A few years ago, I picked FIFTY pails of flowers in ONE week!!!!

Garden flowers available July 1st till frost (usually Sept. 22 or so). Before or after that, I can purchase flowers to do weddings year-round. 

May 2017 was my 17th yearly plant sale!  Please email Renee.LiveFlowers@gmail.com for exact dates and details (two weekends, mid-May each year, garden-divided perennials and extra seedlings of what I grow to cut).

http://twincities.crains.com/article/news/flower-power-marine-farmer-nurtures-blooms-hundreds      You may read this latest article about my life with flowers, if you will copy and paste into your browser.

Please call me, Renee Arcand -- owner, flower grower, designer -- with any questions you may have or to set up an appointment -- at 651-433-5075. You may also email me at I look forward to providing you combined creativity, flowers, and service.