Natural, unique bouquets for your wedding or event by Renee Arcand

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Hello! I am Renee Arcand. Flowers are my passion! I love to grow and arrange cut flowers for others, and my tiny business is Live Flowers, LLC. I start a huge variety of annual flowers from seed each spring and cut them all summer long. I am inspired by nature and love to create unique, natural-looking bouquets of beautiful blooms.

Over 20 years ago, my first house contained a beautiful perennial flower garden. I had never gardened before, and Boom! I became a flower gardener that summer and now wonder how I could have existed without flowers and gardens. About 22 years ago, I joined a local garden club, learned flower arranging, and Voila! I started arranging flowers to sell so that I could share their splendor and my delight with others.

I have over 20 years experience growing and arranging flowers. My first cutting garden was in the back yard where I could see it from the house. It turned out I never wanted to cut those flowers, because I enjoyed seeing them so much looking out from the kitchen sink. The next cutting garden was in an area not viewable from the house. That cutting garden is still there, but the current cutting garden is about 20 times bigger.

My husband is a wonderful help to me. He keeps the garden nearly weed-free, spreads compost, rototills, and does other nearly endless tasks

Please call me, Renee Arcand -- owner, flower grower, designer -- with any questions you may have or to set up an appointment -- at 651-433-5075. You may also email me at I look forward to providing you combined creativity, flowers, and service.